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To really engage the team you need to promote team work and collaboration - interview with Ang Koon San

Posted by Kirsten, Michael at Tuesday, 05/22/2012 3:22 am
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Today I am introducing a leadership interview from Singapore. In this interview with Ang Koon San, who is the Country president of Schneider Electric Singapore and Brunei, the conversation focused on how he as a leader finds inspiration to motivate himself and others.

Here is a brief summary of the interview:

It is said that values are more important than ever in business today, and that these values are embodied in the leader. In your view, what are some of these qualities the company identifies with?

We are really passionate about our jobs. When you talk about passion, you usually talk about commitment, loyalty and effectiveness – these are the values that I feel we identify with.

What inspired you to take on the challenge of running this organisation – especially since you have been with them for almost 20 years?

I stay relevant in the company by subtle intentions. Basically, I keep myself happy, because if you are happy, you will stay long in the company. “Happiness” is not something that the company makes – it is where you want to find it, in the areas that you choose to focus on, in the kind of circumstances or remarks that you choose to ignore... The company was doing very well: we were recruiting more people, and I thought that with my experience, I could give more, and coach people more. When I took over the companies I was asked to give a few words, and I said, “What we have in Schneider Electric is resource. Resource is important for us: our resource, if we have good behaviour, will generate business.” This is what really motivated me to take over this job.

How do you inspire your staff to stay motivated and committed to this?

I really walk the talk and engage with the team. I put myself on their level: I started from the ground myself, so I know how they feel. We need to give them our best support; we need to engage them; we need to discover what kinds of problems they face. As the head of the company, if we show concern and support, we will give them the message that we are a team, and working as a team. People are very important to me. A lot of collaboration is required to move the company up.

Read the full interview with Ang Koon San here.

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