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Talent Acquisition Paradigm Shift

Posted by Jaffee, Glen at Thursday, 05/24/2012 2:57 pm
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Today’s talent acquisition practices will soon be outdated and ineffective. It’s time for a paradigm shift in talent acquisition practices especially given how people are using social media, technology available and the ever increasing need to manage resources better. Companies that undergo this paradigm shift will be the leaders when it comes to finding and hiring the right talent.

Current challenges for talent acquisition:

- Attracting passive job seekers

- Converting prospects (that we want) to choose us as their employer of choice

- Efficient processing of candidates – being able to do more with less resources

- Creating an applicant experience that meets the expectations of the Web Generation.

- A majority of recruiting and selection websites (career pages) follow the same structure and contain the following characteristics which are counterproductive to meeting your talent acquisition goals:

- Information dump and information overload – too much information for candidates to dig through on company’s career sites

- Exact same information presented to each candidate

- Asking for a lot of information without giving anything in return

- The content and information rarely, if ever, changes

- It is not a fun or engaging experience

Currently the candidate has to:

1.Find the job
2.Choose to apply
3.Complete the applicant tracking system (ATS) registration
4.Complete an online application
5.Candidate may or may not be invited to the first HR interview
If the interview happens, basic information is gathered, minimum qualifications are verified, salary expectations may be set and a simple work history is discussed. As illustrated in the chart below, with a traditional talent acquisition process there is little or no screening done and again it’s typically characterized as “one-way” data gathering on the part of the company.

Because they don't display properly on this platform, to view the graphic of a Traditional Process vs a New Process, click on this link where you can also find samples of automated online interview questions.

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