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Mistakes at Work part II

Posted by Wassell, George at Thursday, 05/10/2012 10:03 am
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By Marcia Eager, LCSW, CEAP
Solutions EAP Coordinator

You made a mistake at work which can result in a major problem for your company.
Whatever the situation, someone trusted you to do a job and you failed. What do you do?

The first reaction is to protect yourself any way you can – think about going to an isolated island until the crisis blows over – blame it on someone else – quit your job before the mistake is discovered!
In our culture these days, it seems no one wants to take responsibility for their mistakes. Community leaders blame mistakes on their staff.
Government officials blame mistakes on other government officials. Company leaders say “mistakes were made.” The implication is that they had nothing to do with the problem – stuff happens – let’s just get on with it.

There are a few problems with this approach. The problem still exists and a resolution needs to occur.

We have witnessed time and time again the undoing of public figures related to a cover-up and an unwillingness to accept responsibility for their actions and decisions. You carry around the burden of wondering if and when you will be found out and what the consequences will be at that point. Your credibility and the trust people have in you and your ability to do the job erodes when you don’t step up to the plate and take responsibility.

How does your company respond to mistakes? Do you work at a company that treats mistakes as opportunities? Or does your company use the opportunity to criticize or scapegoat?

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