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Fixing Human Resources by Adding Accountability

Posted by Lauritsen, Jason at Friday, 05/25/2012 8:45 am
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Human Resources, talent management, human capital. . .

Whatever you call it, it seems that the debate over the importance of good people practices within our organizations has been settled. Even the staunchest HR haters will acknowledge the importance of finding and keeping good people when it comes to running a successful business.

And there is no shortage of solutions available that promise to turn the potential of our employees into the tangible business results that our stakeholders demand. Nearly every organization has a process for attracting, recruiting, training, developing, coaching, motivating, managing and retaining employees. These processes have evolved over decades.

Yet, the associated business results still seem to elude us.

Accountability: HR's Missing Piece

In order to achieve optimal performance in any process involving people, it’s important that each person deliver on their responsibility to the process. This requires accountability. Individuals must be accountable both TO the process and FOR their results.

Leaders must both BE accountable to their people and also HOLD their people accountable. When accountability is missing, processes fail and results suffer. Even the most brilliant plans fail when they are poorly executed.

The fundamental challenge underlying the lack of strategic impact in human resources isn’t the lack of good ideas, innovative processes or powerful tools. No, the failure of most HR processes is the total absence of accountability for the employee, manager or even HR in the process. When personal accountability is absent from a people process, it’s doomed to fail.

Transforming Intentions into Results

For human resources to live up to its potential and have the impact that will satisfy the CEO, accountability must be designed into the fabric of every HR process. In the new Bulletproof Talent white paper "Fixing Human Resources: Using Accountability to Transform Good Ideas into Real Results," you will find a roadmap for how to begin incorporating accountability into some of the most fundamental HR processes and practices:

-Performance Appraisals
-Employee Engagement
-Individual Development Plans
-Employee Relations

Download the free white paper for practical advice on how to transform human resources within your organization.

Bulletproof Talent is a management and HR solutions company that helps motivated leaders drive results through accountability and Reality-Based Leadership. Our Reality-CheckTM employee engagement survey is where accountability and engagement connect. Our approach is changing how organizations measure and manage engagement by allowing leaders to focus their efforts on their best and most valuable employees really drive organizational results. Let us help you restore some sanity to your workplace.

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