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Job Description of Chief Internal Auditor

Posted by Tahir, Muhammad at Saturday, 04/28/2012 6:34 am
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The position of Chief Internal Auditor exists for the purpose of evaluating accounting, financial, credit and other operational activities as an independent appraisal function.

NATURE AND SCOPE OF THE POSITION Reports to Chief Executive Officer

Executive(s) Audit


 Ensure effective management of the financial resources of AL-IKHWAN GROUP and that all operations of the district/field/unit offices are within the policies and plans as laid down by AL-IKHWAN GROUP management.
 Review and appraise the soundness, adequacy and application of accounting, financial and operational controls.
 Ascertain the extent to which AL-IKHWAN GROUP ’s assets are accounted for and safeguarded from losses.
 Ascertain the reliability of accounting and other data developed within AL-IKHWAN GROUP .
 Take appropriate measures for the prevention of frauds and elimination of conditions inducing fraudulent actions.
 Undertake special investigations at the directive of the Chief Executive Officer/Executive Committee.
 Formulate internal audit programs in order that all aspects of transactions are audited.
 Ensure that the prescribed procedures are diligently followed within AL-IKHWAN GROUP , so that appraisal and monitoring can be reliable and effective.
 Prepare reports containing observations, comments and recommendations based on carried out work.
 Liaising with the external auditors in order that both external and internal audit functions could be carried out efficiently and effectively with minimum duplication of efforts.
 Participate in all meetings of the Management Committee and Credit Committee involving consideration of policy/procedures formulation matters and other allied matters relating to the overall operations of the organization.
 Issue instructions for smooth, effective and efficient working of the departments and take corrective action as necessary to ensure that approved plans and goals are met and that policies established by the AL-IKHWAN GROUP are followed.
 Develop an effective team of competent subordinates who understand, and are able to discharge the obligations of their positions/jobs.
 Develop, direct and control training for subordinates in the proper performance of their duties, ensure that qualified and trained personnel are available for the position.
 Interpret annual business plans to his/her sub ordinates and assign them the responsibility for amplifying plans that are related to their own area of responsibility.
 Regularly review performance in his/her area of responsibility against predetermined budgets and control standards.
 Be conscious of his/her obligations to contribute towards improved efficiency and cost effectiveness in all activities under his/her jurisdiction.
 Report regularly to Chief Executive Officer with regard to progress in achieving planned objectives.
 Attend departmental meetings with the Chief Executive Officer to discuss matters relating to the Departments.
 Conduct jobs enrichment and on-the-job training for the personnel of the Departments.
 Perform any other task assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.



 Associate member of a recognized professional accounting body

 At least 8 years experience in the related field. Should have extensive experience of managing and administering such department efficiently

Decision Making Skills

 Complex decision making within time frame involving known and uncertain variables.

Policy Formulation Skills

 Significant contributions in policy formulation having a long term impact on departments as a whole as well as relationship with external sources.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

 Interaction ability within organization as well as with external sources

Third Dimension
 High level of analytical abilities and personality characteristics

Pay Band 2

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