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Hiring Compliance Challenges of Multistate Employers

Posted by Ferguson, Jeffrey at Monday, 04/23/2012 1:23 pm
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Does your company have operations in multiple states or cities? Are you aware of the various hiring regulations that are in effect everywhere you do business?

This article will provide multistate employers with tips to deal with the challenges of complying with hiring practices across multiple locations.

Hiring departments in companies with locations in various cities and states must be ever on guard regarding which regulations or laws are applicable to the hiring process. Gerald Maatman Jr., partner at Seyfarth and Shaw, LLP states, “If you’re a multistate employer dealing with operations in different locations, your hiring practices need to be compliant in all those local and state areas.” Running HR departments located in different areas can create a compliance nightmare, especially when a company has to deal with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

A good way to meet the challenges of multistate operations is to conduct an in-depth review of each location’s hiring practices in light of any state and/or local laws that are applicable. In addition, employers should adopt a uniform application that requests only the basic information required from an applicant.

Also, conduct a semi-annual training session that ensures hiring departments are aware of current regulations and laws in their locale.

Keeping your business safe from hiring complaints, lawsuits, fines, and penalties isn’t rocket science. Knowledge and implantation of that knowledge are an employer’s best defense.

Let Pre-Employ’s experts get you started down the path to hiring practice compliance, download our free guide, “5 Tips for Safe Hiring Practices.” Don’t let anymore time pass with your compliance in limbo, take the proactive steps to get your company’s hiring practices up to date.

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