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Posted by Tahir, Muhammad at Tuesday, 04/24/2012 3:02 am
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3.18 It is important that new employees be assessed closely during their probationary period and a conscious decision is taken regarding their confirmation in service by the management.

3.19 Demonstrated performance and behaviour are major determinants, which influence management’s decision to confirm the employment of new employees in (Organization). Head of user department formally evaluates the performance and behaviour of the new employee every month for management staff and on a fortnightly basis for non-management staff, using prescribed formats. The significant policies relating to evaluation of employee performance during probation are summarised below:
• Every employee is required to serve a mandatory probationary period unless otherwise specified in writing by the Competent Authority. During this period, the head of user department is responsible for monitoring the performance of the probationer.
• If during probation, the performance/behaviour of the probationer indicates weaknesses that need to be removed, the department/unit/field/district head must ensure that he/she or the concerned superior counsel the employee towards improvement.
• On the basis of rating achieved by the employee, one of the following options should be recommended to the Appointing Authority by the head of the user department:
o confirmation of employment; or
o extension in probation for a specified period advising the employee to improve his/her performance; or
o termination of employment
• The Competent Authority reviews the merits of each case and may or may not accord approval to the recommendation of the head of user department. In case of difference of opinion, the Competent Authority discusses the performance of the employee with the head of the user department before finalising his/her decision.
• In case of extension in period of probation, the head of user department informs the employee regarding the performance areas where he/she needs to attain higher level of competence.


3.20 The Head of Human Resource department forwards appropriate Probation Performance Report format to the head of user department or unit/field/district office as the case may be, with a cover note indicating an expected date by which performance evaluation exercise should be completed. Two distinct forms are used for management and staff employees highlighting different performance parameters corresponding to job contents and specifications.

Head of Human Resource Department

Forwards Probation Performance Report format to the head of user department five days prior to completion of every month (management staff) and every fortnight (non-management staff) till the last month of probation.
Note: The report format for the last month of probation should be sent sufficiently in advance, so as to receive back the final recommendation at least one week ahead of the due date of confirmation.

Head of User Department

Appraises the performance of the probationer and prepares Probation Performance Report. Forwards the report to Head of Human Resource department. Where the need exists, counsels employee regarding his/her weaknesses.

Head of Human Resource Department
Receives and reviews Probation Performance Report, writes comments on final probation performance report and forwards it to the Competent Authority with necessary comments.

Competent Authority

Receives Probation Performance Report and in view of recommendations of the head of user department and Head of HR department decides to confirm or extend the period of probation where applicable or terminate employment.
Head of Human Resource Department

Receives confirmation report and arranges to prepare employment Confirmation Letter, obtains signature from Competent Authority and delivers it to employee.

HR Executive

Files the Probation Performance Report and Employment Confirmation Letter in the personal file of the employee.

Head of Human Resource Department
If extension in probation is approved, prepares Extension of Probation Letter for the employee, obtains signature from Competent Authority, delivers letter to employee.

If it is decided to terminate the employment, the relevant procedures shall be undertaken as given in the Separation – Termination section of this manual.

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