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Blogs / 2012 / January
Derek Irvine Recognize This! – We all make mistakes. What we do to fix them has far reaching effects on more than just the error. What do you do when you mess up at work? The gamut of responses runs from “lie and hide” to “sweep it under the rug and hope... more...

Judy Freides When it comes to salaries, location matters. But how can HR take geographic salary differentials into account when creating salary ranges or grades? Check out my latest blog article on CompDevil . more...

Aoife Gorey One of the most important aspects when interviewing a potential job candidate is giving an accurate talent evaluation rating. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy task. Other factors besides performance often get in the way and influence the int... more...

Mary Ann Our company is planning to layoff significant number of people in next 2 months due to financial issues. We have a very limited budget  and we can only offer outplacement support to 5%. Does anyone have reccommendations and out of the box ide... more...

Gary Bragar Health and welfare (H&W) benefits administration is a well-accepted foundation partner of the HRO services family. It is also the fastest growing part of benefits administration according to the last NelsonHall Targeting Benefits Administration m... more...

Gary Bragar Offshoring is once again under the harsh glare of the polarized political spotlight in a presidential election year. As my NelsonHall HRO colleague Gary Bragar commented in his blog, President Obama is increasing focus on job creation including encou... more...

Kent Mitchell Carlsbad, CA — January 23, 2012 – Conflict comes from many places, including our own misperceptions of someone else’s behavior. Have a Nice Conflict, a new book just released from Jossey-Bass reveals many of the dynamics that are happening between p... more...

Kent Mitchell Conflict Prevention Week Offers Ways to Create More Success and Satisfaction in Your Relationships. Carlsbad, CA — January 26, 2012 – Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Conflict Prevention Week will feature webinars and activities focused on preven... more...

Amy Murray Ninety percent of the organisations I work with have a leadership model. Despite this, nearly all continue to have the same issue – a deployment “gap” somewhere around Board-1 or Board-2 level, a kind of leadership version of “The Doldrums”. The symp... more...

Michael Kirsten It may not be as simple as the equation above suggests, but when it comes to employee satisfaction, a little bit of well-placed recognition goes a long way—and it doesn’t have to be financial. A recent global survey  shows that less than hal... more...

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