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Why do companies use organizational chart software?

Posted by Kolinger, Joe at Tuesday, 02/15/2011 1:08 am
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Why people use Organizational Chart Software...

(By using OrgChart Pro, you may never need to create charts again)

Not everybody has to create organization charts, but those that do find the task tedious and never-ending. No sooner is the chart created, than the organization changes, someone new arrives, an employee leaves or is promoted – making the chart immediately obsolete. Organizational charting software drastically shortens the chart creation and update process so that charts can me more easily ad accurately maintained. That’s one view, but maybe it’s not the only reason.

A recent survey by OfficeWork Software asked people their reasons for using organizational charting software.

The organization chart software used in this research was OrgChart Professional v5 and the sample size was 131 companies.

Why do you use organizational chart software? %
Chart and view organization structure 90.90%
Designing work teams 38.60%
Employee directory 29.50%
Generate reports 28.80%
Succession planning 26.50%
Other (project management, sales mapping, etc.) 14.40%
HRMS data validation 11.40%
Headcount / Budget Analysis 7.60%
Creating an org chart web site 4.50%
Project WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) 4.50%

Furthermore, 55% were importing HR data to make the charts rather than create charts manually.

While there are other uses for the organization chart, the top reasons are building and designing the organizational structure to meet the business’ objectives.

Whether proactively designing the organizational structure you need for running the business – or documenting the current players and how they are to perform – OrgChart Pro will fill the need. A free 30-day trial is at

With OrgChart users find that the tools available for performing calculations, heat-map formatting, and auditing so easily support organizational design and succession planning.
See for details.

Or call 866-331-4534.

  • Rebeiro Jeyapaul Org charts have become a necessity more than need for organizations. We in our organization use humanconcepts org chart software for succession planning, workforce analytics, HR analytics, to maintain a corporate directory, to do org planning & for transition management.
  • Katrina Landies We did a lot of research and determined that organizational chart 'heat maps' were the best way to do our organizational design and succession planning. We settled on OrgChart Pro by OfficeWork as the best supporting tool for that purpose. The extended analytic tools helped us build an efficient repeatable process for streamlining the Marketing and Sales organizations.

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