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SWOT Analysis Hybrid: SOR Analysis

Leadership, Performance Management, Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, Training and Development
Posted by LLC, S. L. Bender at Wednesday, 05/02/2007 3:16 pm
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2.9 from 75 votes
SOR Analysis is a hybrid of SWOT analysis, an application typically used to assess the business positioning of an organization. The SOR acronym in my "hybrid" model means "strengths, opportunities, and roadblocks," which are derived from the components of SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). SOR examines internal strengths (S), external opportunities (O), and it combines internal weaknesses (W) with external threats (T) to formulate roadblocks (R).

Strengths, Opportunities, and Roadblocks

Strengths: Evaluate your Strengths

(Internal Environmental Factors)

Strengths are those internal assets you posses that will aid you in your ability to accomplish your objectives. Strengths are among your internal environmental factors.

Opportunities: Explore your Opportunities

(External Environmental Factors)

Opportunities are those external aids that can assist you in managing the problem at a particular time and enhance your ability to accomplish your objectives. Opportunities are among your external environmental factors.

Roadblocks: Estimate your Roadblocks

(Internal and External Environmental Factors)

Roadblocks are those internal and external conditions comprising weaknesses or threats that can impede/block your progress or your ability to accomplish your objectives. Roadblocks can be both internal and external implications. For example, weaknesses are those roadblocks among internal environmental factors and threats are those roadblocks among external environmental factors.

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