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Keeping Remote Employees Connected

Organizational Development, Workforce Management, Labor Relations
Posted by Dickinson, Kara at Monday, 04/02/2007 11:17 am
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2.9 from 217 votes
I currently work in an office with 4 office locations across new england. Since the states are fairly close it is easy for employees in these locations to feel connected. We do have however employees scattered across the US working from home offices. Does anyone have suggestions on how to make these employees feel more connected to the rest of us and really feel like part of the company? Thank you!

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  • Peter Jukel We have worked over geographical boundaries. Holding conference calls has been a good way to keep people in touch who are in different countries and build some team spirit. Regards Peter -
  • Sharyn Orr Maldonado Our company has remote employees, also. We hold Skype (video) meetings and have shared video monitors in public areas to announce employee achievements, events (in multiple locations) and maintain an information portal which is sort of like our own newletter/announcement location.
  • Meena Annamalai Hi Kara, I'd suggest the use of an enterprise social knowledge network, along with the use of skype / webcams. A Social knowledge network can connect every employee in the organisation and help share information, knowledge and best practices rapidly across teams and geographic locations. At Chronus we've come out with a new social knowledge network software. Visit for more info or to sign up for Beta
  • tai aguirre One idea we implemented for our clients is a communication tool connected to a Peer to Peer recognition program. I would like to recommend looking at this article on how it works.

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