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Blogs / 2006 / August
Debbie McGrath At our annual Employers of Excellence National Conference being held October 24-27th in Las Vegas, will be formally launching several new initiatives,   enabling our 135,000 members to showcase their expertise, grow our community and rate the... more...

Mark McAuliffe Recruiting the Techie ....look for them in the Blog   We all know that the best and brightest technical folks spend countless hours in front of a computer screen. But what are they looking at? Well, one place that they seem to be visiting w... more...

Aileen MacMillan The focus on linking performance management more closely with learning activities continues to intensify.   The focus on linking performance management more closely with learning activities continues to intensify.  As organizations st... more...

Karen Elmhirst Carol S. Dweck offers some bedrock insight as to why people behave as they do. She explains in her Thought Leader interview with me how a person's mindset- either fixed or growth, has every thing to do with how success is defined, what types of proje... more...

Karen Elmhirst Do you remember your first day of school? I do, and I'm about to relieve it as my twins head off to kindergarten. I realized today that the questions they are pondering are the same as the ones I ask myself each time I join a new organization. I inte... more...

The Researc While offshoring to India offers savings of up to 50% on labor costs, enterprises thinking of offshoring smaller initiatives should reconsider. The high technical skills and best-practices of the leading offshore providers are available only to enter... more...

Carol S. Dweck Millions of dollars and thousands of hours are spent each year trying to teach leaders and managers how to coach their employees and give them effective feedback--and, in turn, to listen to criticism from their employees. Yet much of this training is... more...

Charles Wonderlic There´s an insidious problem lurking in workplaces nationwide, and it´s not the obvious bad hires or misfits that simply don´t belong on the payroll. Those people are usually terminated during their probationary period and life goes... more...

Pacificbridge Inc Over the past ten years, China has become the favorite location of foreign companies, who have come to China to set up factories and utilize China´s cheap labor.  Specifically, Guangdong Province in Southern China is home to millions of fo... more...

The Researc Site visits are a crucial part of the selection process for enterprise software such as ERP. They are useful for observing real implementations as they occur in the wild of comparable enterprises. Adhere to best practices to avoid the common pitfalls... more...

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