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Workplace Systems Inc.


  • Schedule Management
    The Schedule & Attendance Management module is a highly capable Schedule Management and Time & Attendance system designed to be deployed rapidly over the web and to be simple and quick to use. The Schedule Management element provides a fast method of producing weekly schedules using pre-defined templates (libraries) or a...
  • AutoScheduling
    The AutoScheduling module uses highly sophisticated WorkPlace written algorithms either:- to produce brand-new more efficient schedules based upon the forecast workload demand and availability/preferences of staff together with the business/ schedule rules or to improve directly the service level and ineffectiveness of the...
  • Attendance Management
    The published schedules are then used as the basis for Attendance Management where exceptions to the planned hours are flagged in real-time from any location. Attendance Management includes a wide range of options for managing actual attendance, calculation of hours, management of sick pay and holiday schemes and compliance to the...
  • Historical Forecasting of Workload Demand
    The Historical Forecasting module allows an organisation to generate accurate workload demand budgets and forecasts for days and weeks in advance as the basis for cost effective, productive staffing deployment across the business. A unique combination of differing methods for predicting business volumes and calculating workload demand...
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WorkPlace OnLine – SaaS Workforce Management
WorkPlace OnLine is a new suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) based Workforce Management (WFM) modules which include; Schedule Management, Time & Attendance, Historical Forecasting, AutoScheduling and Task Tracking. In addition to traditional on-premise implementations WorkPlace OnLine has already been implemented successfully by over 100 companies across the world.

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