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  • Health and Wellness
    A measurable approach to health For the organization... Our high-quality health & wellness assessment should form the core of every results-driven health promotion strategy. It gives you the power to measure the health status of your population and target health interventions into the areas that need it most. For the...
  • Reporting
    How healthy are your people? How effective are your health promotion initiatives and what return do you get for your investment? vielife's management reporting can provide you with the answers. Our reporting solutions enable you to: Identify the specific health & wellness needs of your population Deliver targeted and relevant...
  • Lifestyle Management Programs
    Our interactive and motivational health promotion programs empower your people to make simple, sustainable lifestyle changes to improve their health & wellness. Our philosophy is to encourage small lifestyle changes for big results. We package health information and practical advice into emails, online articles, interactive tools...
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