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Synerion North America Inc.


  • Time and Attendance
    Synerion's core solution – TimeKeeper, tracks and analyzes work hours, overtime, sick leave, vacation allowance and utilization, and all other types of attendance and absences. TimeKeeper takes into account your organization's specific requirements such as business rules, different employment agreements and shift patters, as well as...
  • Business Intelligence
    TimeKeeper Analytics is a business intelligence system that provides an updated and comprehensive view of an organization's workforce, and leverages untapped data in the TimeKeeper and Time Costing suite, to help managers make decisions to improve business performance. Key Benefits • Enables the analysis and identification of key...
  • Scheduling
    Synerion's Scheduling system helps the organization quickly build multiple schedules, with forecasting costs based on employee rates. Used together, with the Time and Attendance module, it enables the comparison of planned schedule vs. actual attendance. Key Benefits • Assignment of employees to shifts to assure full coverage •...
  • Absence Planning/Management
    Synerion’s Absence Planning/Management module enables supervisors and department heads to plan and manage absences in a way that balances employee applications and their eligibility for time off, while keeping in mind the organization's operational needs. Key Benefits • Planning absences based on organization's operational needs to...
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