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Sentient Inc


  • Online Salary Management
    Why Use OSM? OSM reduces the time spent on Salary Planning from months to days. Throughout the salary planning process HR has the ability to maintain control by adjusting the system administration settings applying to the organization's current business rules. The burden of data extraction and recombination is eliminated with the use...
  • Online MarketPrice
    A key factor in employee retention is the organization's perceived commitment to directly linking performance to pay. An important component in building that link is to ensure that all salaries are "at market" so that employees are confident that there are no "greener pastures" to be found. The need to constantly update salary pricing is...
  • OrgView
    Companies of every size are trying to meet the challenge of providing current reporting relationships and distributing employee data to their employee's desktops quickly and inexpensively. OrgView helps you meet both of these business objectives. OrgView leverages the investment in your existing ERP system and uses the employee data to...
  • ReOrg
    Optimal Corporate Structure As an organization grows or contracts, issues arise as to the optimal configuration of the enterprise. When integrating new acquisitions or adding new employees it is not always obvious what the most effective way to integrate that growth within the existing managerial structure will be. A series of...
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At Sentient, Inc. our core business is HRIS. We specialize in web-enabling legacy systems as well as expanding the functionality of existing systems. We understand that organizations expect new technology implementation to result in time and cost savings. Our solutions leverage your existing HR database (Lawson®, Ceridian®, SAP®, ADP, Oracle®, Tesseract, etc.) to add value to your organizational processes while reducing operating overhead.

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