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  • WFM Time Capture
    Transport your WFM data.The WFM data in your Production database has the potential to be very valuable to your WFM project team. It is the best kind of test data: real-world scenarios that you would never have thought to test for beforehand. It also contains all of the details needed to recreate production issues in a test environment, or...
  • WFM Data Management
    Every day your WFM database accumulates valuable data, keeping your organization at the cutting edge of workforce efficiency. But over time the volume of data can become overwhelming, forcing difficult tradeoffs between application functionality, cost, compliance, and performance. The complete WFM Data Management solutionA well...
  • WFM QuickRefresh
    Keep your WFM instances - and your project team - in sync The IssueIt’s a problem that every technical manager faces after go-live: how can you make sure your production environment matches your test environments so that features and fixes for the next release can be tested in the proper context? What about the test data the team spent...
  • WFM Schedule Spreadsheet
    Import Schedules from Supervisor DesktopsIn many organizations, spreadsheets are an integral part of managing employee schedules. Even companies with advanced Workforce Management systems like Workbrain rely heavily on time-tested, supervisor approved, spreadsheet management tools. Unfortunately, most companies rely on supervisors to...
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Sability is a strategic Workforce Management consulting firm. We help companies improve the way they use Workforce Management technology to reduce costs, make smarter decisions about resource allocation, improve efficiencies, and overall performance.

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