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Quantum Leaders


  • Leading The Living Organization
     The leadership model of Plan-Organize-Lead-Contol was ideally suited for the 20th century Machine Paradigm.  But for today's leader they must adopt a new approach to their organization.  One that creates a sesne of purpose, that brings out passion and engagement wwith a focus on execution that is reposnsive to a...
  • Executive Coaching
     Training is but one madality for leadership development.  Complimenting training with coaching andmentoring helps cement the training and turns infomrtion into skills
  • Real Time Execution
    To set a straegy is one thing to get the whole organization aligned and focused on execution is quite another.  Real Time Execution System tkes current Performance Managment Sytems and strategy Alignment tools to the next level.  It is Strateg Execution 3.0 Starting with setting a clear and engaging Strategic Compass that not...
  • ARC Framework Assessment
    When viewing the current state of an organizationa dn how theya re perfomring requires more than the standard SWOT.  IT requires the ability to uncover all of the forces impacting an organization.  It requires understanding the forces of the organizations activity, its internal and external relationships and its overall ability...
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Our work is based on the the #1 best selling book "The Living Organization: Transforming Business To Create Extraordinary Results" by our founder Norman Wolfe. This shifts the paradigm about how business creates results from a machine to a living vibrant creative being.

Our programs include
Leadership Development
Strategy Execution Management
Organization Performance Assessment
Acquisition Targeting and Integration
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