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  • Employee Recognition
    Employees are your  most valuable resource. Deploy our employee recognition programs and reap the benefits of improved morale, increased job satisfaction, and better retention rates while your employees feel appreciated and acknowledged for their work. Motivating employees through recognition is one of the most effective and...
  • Safety Incentive Programs
    Increase employee safety while decreasing your costs. Safety awareness and processes are essential to the success of your business. In fact, you need to build a strong safety culture to address all aspects of safety. Let Perks help you design a safety program that will reduce preventable injuries by creating incentives for people to...
  • Health and Wellness Programs
    Lower insurance costs and increase productivity A high-performing, health-positive workforce brings a wealth of payback to your organization. Benefits such as reduced insurance costs, increased workforce productivity and reduced absenteeism are some of the financial implications of having healthy employees. Non-tangible benefits such as...

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