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NewSigma, LLC


  • End-to-End Sales Compensation Solutions
    NewSigma provides sales compensation design and sales operations support services to address a range of issues including: Flat or declining sales performance Increasing sales force compensation expense without a corresponding increase in revenue Salespeople earning above target; company earning below budget Delayed, inaccurate...
  • Sales Compensation Planning
    Your focus is sales growth; our focus is designing sales compensation plans that support your growth strategies. Does your market coverage enable the sales force to spend enough time on the most profitable, growth-oriented clients and prospects? Are your salespeople motivated to go the extra mile to win new business? Is the...
  • Communication and Change Management
    Significant change requires a thoughtful communication strategy and implementation plan. Too often, well-intended program changes never take root because of cultural and legacy issues. Salespeople are, generally speaking, deeply committed and driven to succeed. But given their remote perspective and skeptical tendencies, salespeople can...
  • Sales Compensation Management
    A world class sales management program requires the right combination of processes and infrastructure for your unique situation. Using proprietary tools, case studies and research, NewSigma works with you to address a wide range of sales compensation management related issues: Ensure that the desired plan designs can be effectively...
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NewSigma was founded on the belief that the market for incentive consulting and support services has changed. Traditional consulting models are not enough; today's companies require more flexibility from their consulting partners and a real ability to support the end-to-end compensation process. At NewSigma, we recognize that the essence of our business is helping our clients be successful. Our number one priority is to collaboratively work with you to develop the right incentive compensation plans for your unique situation.

We understand the complexities of managing an effective sales compensation program in today’s environment. Increased pressure to reduce cost, hire and retain the best sales team members, motivate the right behaviors and do it all efficiently means it is no longer possible to separate discussions of “design” and “administration.” NewSigma is unique in its ability to address the full sales compensation management lifecycle.

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