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My Secure Advantage (MSA)


  • Step One: F.I.C. or Financial Intensive Care
    Step One: F.I.C. or Financial Intensive Care – Typically 90 Days This is where we perform a Financial Needs Analysis; determine your most urgent needs, and build a short-term plan to remedy the bigger problems right away. You will work with you Money Coach to rapidly address whatever your most immediate and severe financial needs are....
  • Step Two: Regroup and Redefine
    Step Two: Regroup and Redefine – Typically 90 – 120 Days Now it’s time to take a breath, look around and figure out your mid-term goals. This can be paying down credit cards, rebuilding a credit score, paying off student loans, renegotiating a mortgage, etc. At this time you and your Money Coach will also establish the goals, techniques...
  • Step 3: Plan and Prosper
    Step 3: Plan and Prosper This is often the most rewarding time in your relationship with your Money Coach. During this time, you are preparing for the future and putting into motion a strategy to achieve your long-term financial goals. Whatever your financial dreams are for the future, we’ll help you build them.
MSA is quite simply, the most complete financial wellness program available anywhere. The whole purpose of the program is to help our members overcome whatever financial challenges they may be facing, build a strong and secure financial future, build wealth and increase net worth.

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