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Matchpoint Careers Inc.


  • Job Profile
    The Matchpoint Job Profile is a preformance-predicting picture of a job to be filled. It is generated by starting with similar jobs already profiled according to the factors that drive high performance in that job. We then tailor the job profile for each client. The result is a performanc-predicting job profile, created in minutes,...
  • Shortlisted Candidates
    “Employers receive a shortlist of profiled candidates, each matched to the performance drivers for the job, each presented with detailed information about the best candidates available.”
Matchpoint Careers fixes hiring through science. We assess individuals and jobs, enabling a match that based on the known predictors of performance. We provide employers a short-list of candidates, all qualified, all having been professionally assessed, all with performance-predicting information not available in legacy recruitment systems. This is psychometrics at scale and affordable.