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Kenexa Inc


  • Compensation
    Why Kenexa's Compensation Solutions? Kenexa's drive to deliver effective and reliable systems to you for compensation management and talent management is matched only by our desire to provide you with exceptional customer service and satisfaction that exceeds your expectations. Kenexa’s award-winning compensation software helps...
  • Recruitment Technology
    Why Recruitment Technology? Quickly and easily identifying best fit candidates is critical in reducing hiring costs and improving your organization’s performance and success. When you leverage effective HR recruitment technology software, your recruiters, candidates and hiring managers gain an enhanced user experience. Your recruiting...
  • Performance Management
    Why Performance Management? Effective performance management solutions improve employee goal planning, career development, performance assessment and appraisal, compensation management and organizational alignment. With effective performance management software, you can automate performance management in your organization to improve...
  • Onboarding
    Why Onboarding? Effective onboarding requires that every individual involved in the onboarding process—from new employees and hiring managers to HR and other departments—needs to have the right information to be effective. This allows new employees to learn their jobs faster and become engaged sooner, increasing speed-to-productivity...
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Kenexa is in the business of improving companies and enriching lives because to us, business is personal. We improve companies by enriching lives and we enrich lives by improving companies.

With every person we recruit, every assessment we administer, every technology solution we deliver, every survey we conduct, every leader we develop and every compensation strategy we support, lives are impacted by our craft. Very few companies, if any, can claim this—and we’re proud of that.

We understand that business has two sides—the performance side and the personal side. The performance side is about driving results. Success and failure are constantly measured, defining metrics. And because business relies on metrics, we rely on measurable outcomes that prove we’ve helped companies become better.

The personal side is all about relationships. We believe relationships are personal bonds that are as fragile as they are strong. That’s why we strive to build trust from the beginning of the relationship and then keep it.

We’ve been in the business of studying human behavior for 25 years. And our unique portfolio of products and services is backed by behavioral science insight, and a combination of technology, content and services—a statement only we can make.

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