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Intelligent Compensation


  • Compensation Services
    * Wage and Salary Planning and Administration * Job Analysis, Job Evaluation, Job Description, and Position Classification Development * Performance Management Programs and Strategies * Compensation Expert Witness / Litigation Support and Consulting * Wage and Hour / FLSA Reviews
  • Nonproft Executive Compensation
    Intelligent Compensation LLC has developed a significant expertise in the area of strategic executive compensation for tax exempt and charitable nonprofit organizations. We strive to assist each client improve their organizational effectiveness through the development and creation of a strategic compensation program customized for their...
  • Sales Consulting
    Is Your Organization Poised to Achieve Success With its Current Sales Compensation Plan? Is Your Sales Compensation Plan Aligned With Company Strategic Initiatives? The sales force is comprised of individuals who take an active approach in getting the message out about the company's products and services. How effectively the sales...
  • Performance Management
    The core of any organization is its ability to measure financial and organizational success and reward employee performance. How effectively an organization measures its success and maintains a quality team of employees is linked to its ability to out-perform its competitors. Effective performance management processes enable an...
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