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    HireVue gives companies greater control over their talent pool and interview process while saving them upwards of $1,000 per interview. With HireVue you create an unforgettably positive candidate experience while reducing time-to-hire by 50%. The HireVue solution delivers so much more than simple video interviews. It is what you can DO...
  • The HireVue Interview Management Platform
    HireVue’s online Interview Management Platform gives HireVue customers the ability to schedule and capture video interviews and then evaluate candidates over the Internet. It also manages collaboration and workflow across decentralized, multiple location and/or global organizations, delivering faster, more intelligent hiring...
  • Interview Admin
    The Interview Admin gives the recruiter all the tools necessary to easily schedule interviews between candidates and hiring team members. Tied into HireVue’s unmatched customer service team, the system initiates the shipment of high-quality webcams to candidates and hiring team members anywhere in the world. The Interview Admin...
  • Interview Engine
    Whether you’re capturing or doing a live 2-way video interview the Interview Engine facilitates this with ease. Along with a wide range of interview and question types in addition to video, HireVue allows recruiters to attach resumes, websites and other background data to each candidate’s record. The video interviews can be taken at...
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