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Hinda Incentives


  • Employee Programs
    Employee reward and recognition programs are designed to motivate all of the employees in a company, both sales and non-sales. Employee recognition programs can lower turnover rates by keeping your employees motivated and happy. Employee reward and recognition programs should be customized for your business needs and objectives....
  • Sales Incentives
    Objectives of a sales incentive program may include increased sales and increased market share. A sales incentive program may also be used to assist with the launch of new products or to target activity with specific accounts. A well-designed sales incentive program will positively impact your measurable sales and reward those who meet...
  • Warehouse Dash
    Hinda is one of the few incentive suppliers who has remained committed to the delivery of merchandise awards from our own warehouse. Maintaining our own warehouse facility also allows us to conduct a special event we call the “Warehouse Dash.” A Warehouse Dash program allows a corporation to recognize their top achievers through this...
  • Wellness Incentives
    Effective health incentive programs empower your employees to engauge in and sustain healthy behaviors while decreasing healthcare costs. We can work with your organization to develop programs that automatically reward participation in a variety of health-related behaviors. Our health & wellness incentives are powered by...
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Hinda is a respected leader in the incentive industry because we know what matters most to our clients. At every level we strive to exceed your highest expectations. Thanks to this dedication, we provide our clients with an effctive combination of: Awards - the ultimate award assortment, fulfilled from our warehouse and through superior merchant partners; Technology - flexible solutions to fit any need, leading the industry with technology to support reward and recognition programs; Program Support - dedicated teams provide expertise from program design through customer service.

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