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eMindful Inc


  • Health and Wellness Services for Employers
    eMindful’s behavioral change programs tackle soaring health costs and productivity losses by addressing the root causes of chronic disease. And our programs achieve measurable benefits in health cost savings, improved personal health and well-being, and lasting productivity gains. Our unique online classroom format results in higher...
  • Services for Health Care Providers
    Mindfulness training can help health care professionals improve their own lives and the quality of care they provide. A stressed health care workforce leads to increased costs (from their own medical claims, staff turn-over, medical errors and burnout) and decreased quality of care. Our services for health professionals focus on...
  • Service for Individuals
    eMindful offers a variety of courses in mind-body medicine and personal growth, all in our virtual classroom where you can see, hear, and interact with an expert teacher and other participants. All of eMindful’s classes are secular in nature. We believe that mindfulness, personal growth, health, and wellbeing should be available...
eMindful offers a new way to reduce healthcare costs and increase employee productivity. How? By addressing the root cause of chronic health conditions. Our evidence-based programs reduce stress and change the behaviors that result in high-cost chronic diseases. And change them for good.

With chronic diseases increasing across every age group, there has never been a more important time to tackle them.

We offer a comprehensive series of programs—delivered live in our interactive, online classroom—to conveniently bring these innovative solutions to busy employees, managers, and executives.