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Effective Compensation Inc


  • Strategic Total Compensation Review and Design
    Whether ECI is retained to design a compensation program from scratch, or to audit an existing program, it is important to be sure that the program accomplishes several objectives, including: 1. The program elements reinforce company goals 2. Employees and managers can understand the programs 3. The programs provide...
  • Salary Administration Programs
    The table to the right shows the steps involved in designing any job based salary program. Simply put, the process involves agreeing on what is to be valued, internally determining the relative value of the job (of skills), obtaining the external value if possible, and then resolving any differences in an intelligent manner. The results...
  • Executive Compensation Programs
    While many aspects of compensation do not differ at the executive level (except that the dollars are normally larger), there are some important aspects that are significantly different such as: insider trading constraints, public reporting requirements (proxies) for public firms, high paid employee limits in qualified benefit programs,...
  • Compensation Surveys
    Determining competitive pay levels has become much easier as more compensation surveys have been developed. Thousands of surveys are conducted each year. Some of these are good, some bad and some very misleading. Poorly conducted surveys can be misleading. For that reason, it is important to use surveys that are carefully...
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