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DeGarmo Group


  • Matched Values Profile (MVP)
    The Matched Values Profile™ is a web-delivered employment assessment designed to help improve talent acquisition through better alignment of employee & organization core work values. The MVP is a 55-item survey of work values that requires 25-30 minutes for completion. Scoring & reporting of applicants’ results is automated and...
  • Fit Index System
    The Fit Index System® is a series of web-based pre-employment tests designed specifically to reduce voluntary employee turnover through person-job “fit” profiling. DeGarmo Group is the developer and leading global provider of this award winning assessment system. Fit Index testing measures an applicant’s tolerance for the job by...
  • Fit Interview System
    The Fit Interview System is a series of innovative, behaviorally based structured interviews designed specifically to assess tolerance for activities associated with key job dimensions. The Fit Interview System can help reduce voluntary employee turnover with thorough person-job “fit” profiling. Fit interviewing allows organizations to...
  • DeGarmo Personality Inventory
    The DeGarmo Personality Inventory is a 20 minute, 120-item measure of normal personality traits and related work styles designed to predict valued organizational outcomes. What makes the DPI unique? The DPI doesn’t just tell you about a person. It tells you about a person relative to the unique work style demands of a specific...
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