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  • Labor Forecasting
    We know that planning daily tasks always turns out to be more difficult that you expect. Some people say to hope for the best and plan for the worst, but we don’t take such a gloomy look on things. Dayforce Labor Forecasting helps you create plans based on realistic projections from Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The module gives you...
  • Task Management
    Managing tasks can feel like balancing spinning plates while crossing a tight rope. You have to focus on keeping the employees satisfied, as well as on achieving corporate goals. It is impossible to do all this effectively without the right information. Dayforce Task Management can give you all the tools you need to optimize the...
  • Labor Scheduling
    There are always many issues that must be incorporated into schedules, and lots of tasks that need to be accomplished. We know that juggling a workforce can be harder than juggling flaming torches. The manager has to balance corporate goals with employee well-being, and shifts with employee availability and peak/non-peak times. On top of...
  • Time and Attendance
    Keeping up with the work hours reliability of employees work is very important to employees and managers alike. Employees want to earn as much money as possible for their work and get the next promotion, and managers want to ensure that their workforce is performing optimally. We know that, in order to benefit from a time and attendance...
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