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CRG emPerform


  • All-Inclusive Talent Management Software
    emPerform includes:  - automated appraisals  - goal management  - 360 multi-rater reviews  - succession planning  - compensation management  - powerful reporting  - online surveys  - oyear-round social performance feedback - and more!
  • Goal Management
    CRG emPerform provides the functionality that helps link the employees' goals to the departmental goals, and to the organization's goals. It ensures every employee is devoting his or her time and attention to critical and important activities. Because emPerform provides real-time reporting, the status of assigned goals can be tracked,...
  • 360 Multi-Rater Reviews
    Easily design and execute your own surveys and 360 multi-rater reviews. emPerform comes standard with an online survey tool that makes it quick and easy to gather feedback and turn insight into action. emPerform includes an extensive library of categorized questions and rating scales to help you to create & execute meaningful...
  • Succession Planning
    Succession planning at your fingertips. emPerform includes the tools needed to identify and develop performance and potential and automates succession decisions. Get started with a free trial at
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CRG emPerform is an all-inclusive Performance and Talent Management solution. This all-in-one suite includes robust functionality to simplify and automate core talent management processes, including: performance appraisals, compensation management, 360 reviews, online surveys, succession planning, reporting, and introducing emPerform tag™ for year-round social feedback. emPerform offers easy-to-use, powerful functionality for companies looking to Align, Develop, Reward, and Retain a top-performing workforce. For more information, visit

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