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Core Practice


  • Labor Strategy Workshop
    The Labor Strategy Workshop The Core Practice Executive Workshop is a half-day interactive meeting that uncovers hidden costs relating to operations and labor strategy. It is an abbreviated master class in labor management strategy. Our strategic consulting group will review your current practices and share real options to rapidly...
Core Practice LLC designs and implements operations and labor strategies for companies requiring rapid and sustainable improvements. We work closely with the management team as well as shop floor employees and unions to capture savings most firms miss. Our team of experts, using our proprietary and proven process, consistently captures 11% to 17% of total annual labor costs, starting 12 to 16 weeks from the beginning of the engagement. Core Practice Partners works with manufacturing, mining, utility, call center, and distribution facilities, as well as other service organizations.

Our experts have experience delivering cost savings to such industry leaders as Kraft Foods, BMW, Abbott Labs, Exelon and General Electric. The Core Practice process is validated by results and is done on a fixed cost basis. We measure our success through the cost savings we achieve for our clients, with typical annual returns in excess of 500%. Our unique approach can augment the already powerful financial and operational models used by private equity firms to realize the maximum return from their investments.

Core Practice Partners develops detailed strategies and then involves employees to ensure the maximum cost savings are implemented while mitigating risks. In the first of two phases, the Core Practice Partners consulting team works with the plant management team to develop specific goals.

In the first phase the consulting team gathers and analyzes data for 6 to 8 weeks comparing current practices to our benchmarked best practices. This detailed study, called an Operations and Labor Strategy Review, results in an itemized list of cost saving and profit-making opportunities combined with the strategies required to capture the savings.

The second phase, which also lasts 6 to 8 weeks, involves working closely with employees and the management team to implement the strategies identified in the first phase. By working at the shop floor level of the organization, we gain “buy-in” from employees and avoid unnecessary road blocks. This helps circumvent potential problems such as union drives, production slow downs or other adverse effects that can result from trying to implement major operational changes. Along with our expertise, we rely on our extensive database of over 3.5 million employee data points which we use to compare similar industries and situations. This allows us to customize solutions while minimizing risks.

Armed with both labor and operations strategies as well as employee buy-in, the initiatives can now be fully implemented to achieve the cost savings. Changes in the facility can include everything from new staffing levels and scheduling systems for employees, to the consolidation of multiple facilities and adjustments in customer service levels.

Core Practice Partners implements new plans directly with the workforce and educates the employees as to how the new plan will work and what it means for them. This hands-on approach at the shop floor level, combined with our employee database and industry best practices allows Core Practice Partners to achieve significant additional operational savings.

Core Practice Partners, while working on a fixed fee basis, has a firm commitment to the process and stays until the job is done, and done well.
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