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  • Developing Your Compensation Plan
    Ensuring Employee Compensation is Externally Competitive and Internally Equitable Once we have assessed our clients’ specific needs, and discussed their desired pay philosophy and goal measurements, we can develop a recommendation for compensation. CompAnalysis’ general approach to compensation plan design is to work with our clients...
  • Pay for Performance
    Using Incentives to Encourage Motivation & Increase Productivity The concept of paying employees based on their productivity has long been the subject of debate, and has generated an enormous amount of discussion and research over the years. At CompAnalysis, we believe well-designed, effectively-managed compensation plans of this...
  • Compensation Strategy and Planning
    Creating Plans that Support Your Organization's Pay Philosophy The success of any organization depends on its employees’ continued productivity and performance, while also staying within budgetary parameters. A compensation strategy is paramount to that success. Important components of compensation strategy include determining a...
  • Labor Market Research
    Supporting Job Classification Access to job-specific salary data offered by your competitors is essential to any pay plan, and is a crucial component to evaluating and classifying jobs. Market research also contributes to the development of competitive variable pay plans and equity-based compensation strategies. CompAnalysis staff...
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