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  • Incentive Management
    Without clear alignment of sales behavior with corporate objectives, results are unpredictable and are typically driven by unintended side effects of poor, opaque sales incentive plans. By delivering solutions that enable sales incentive design and modeling, quota allocation, and territory coverage assignment, as well as the agility to...
  • Quota Management
    Analysts estimate organizations may lose as much as 10% of total annual sales in "lost opportunity" revenue based on misaligned territories and quotas. With Callidus Quota Management, businesses regain this lost revenue, ensuring quotas reflect up-to-date market dynamics and territory potential. Callidus Quota Management Callidus...
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Are you confident that your sales incentives are driving the right behaviors? Or that you are paying for real performance and not seniority? Or that your territory performance is meeting potential demand? Callidus Software Reporting & Analytics delivers actionable insight to help make better decisions on sales coverage, goals, and...
  • Sales Coaching
    A comprehensive sales performance strategy needs to include a strategic focus on driving overall performance improvements in your sales talent investment. Top sales performers will always be top performers. But for the rest of the sales force, building a consistent training and coaching program focusing both on core selling skills and...
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CallidusCloud provides tools that help improve the productivity and performance of your sales teams and channels. CallidusCloud taps into the power of social and mobile technology to maximize deals, speed up sales cycles and improve win rates.

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