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Brightfield Strategies, LLC


  • Data Analytics and Program Design
     Brightfield’s reputation as a leader in contingent workforce analytics is backed up by significant client ROI. Statistical and quantitative tools help interpret the story your data is trying to tell. Why guess at a strategy when data can support fact-based decisions and drive measurable results? Accordingly, we design...
  • Strategic Sourcing and Contract Negotiation
     For companies looking to transform the way they manage their contingent workforce -whether evaluating VMS, MSP or ICC providers -Brightfield provides strategic sourcing services to its clients on a turn-key or advisory basis. We bring our industry knowledge of best practice SLA terms and conditions and create a level playing field...
  • Program Assessments
     Our thirty-day assessment evaluates contingent workforce program systems and resources across four principle dimensions: quality, efficiency, cost and risk. Brightfield assessments provide a clear understanding of the areas for improvements and the resources necessary to realize their full potential.
  • Program Marketing and Training
     Because contingent workers are prevalent in almost every facet of business, companies must be diligent in their ability to create awareness, foster learning, and build a culture that embodies its core values. Examples of the types of communications and training sessions we provide include; corporate policies and procedures, writing...
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Doing business in over 50 nations, from China to Canada, Brightfield's clients all have on thin in common: their contingent workforces are large, complex and constantly evolving. Brightfield has helped some of the world's most reputable companies deliver measurable results to their contingent workforce programs.

Brightfield is focused on your data. Every piece of transactional data collected throughout the end-to-end contingent workforce processes contributes to an important story, revealing insights about quality talent, process efficiency, and spending behavior. Brightfield applies rigorous applications of objective, analytical principles which makes business case projects believable and actionable.

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