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Berkshire Associates Inc


  • BALANCEaap™
    BALANCEaap™ is an easy-to-use application that walks users through preparing an OFCCP compliant affirmative action plan. You can produce plans with BALANCEaap that contain all reports required by the OFCCP, including adverse impact analyses and draft narrative sections.
  • BALANCEpay™
    BALANCEpay™ with CompDesigner is the most comprehensive salary equity software on the market. BALANCEpay is the only salary equity software that includes CompDesigner—A feature that allows companies to establish and assign value to compensable factors determined by the company while providing the framework needed for sound and consistent...
  • BALANCEtrak™
    BALANCEtrak™ PREMIUM lets you say goodbye to manual applicant tracking and hello to a paperless, Web-based system. With BALANCEtrak, you can automate and standardize your entire hiring process, and save time by concentrating on the most qualified applicants.
  • BALANCEact™
    BALANCEact™ is a Web-based application that gives organizations the advantage of running adverse impact analyses right from the Web. Why is this important? Employment regulations prohibit employers from using employment practices that unfairly affect members of a protected class. BALANCEact is a necessity for employers who want an easy,...
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Berkshire Associates is a leading human resources consulting and software development firm specializing in applicant tracking, affirmative action and compensation analyses. for more than 25 years we have been committed to helping clients find cost-effective solutions to human resources challenges. Bershire also offers OFCCP audit support, diversity and HR training

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