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Beeliner Surveys


  • Corporate Surveys
    Corporate surveying for the departments and work groups who need easy-to-use survey tools that don't break the budget or involve IT. Is your department or workgroup considering how to add surveying and feedback collection as a regular part of your business activities? BeelinerProfessional is designed with the needs of corporate...
  • HR & Training Surveys
     Let BeelinerPeople Automate Your Employee Surveys and Save Hours of Your Staff Time While Providing Invaluable Data. If you want to implement surveying as a regular way of collecting feedback on your HR and training performance as well as employee satisfaction, automation is the absolute best way to go. Without automation, busy...
  • Small Biz/Non-Profits
    Fitted to size but BIG on results! Are you a not-so-big company or a cost-conscious non-profit? Or perhaps you're working on an independent project where you just need to do a one-time survey? There's an edition of Beeliner just for you. BeelinerLite offers you many of the same great features of BeelinerProfessional at a reduced,...
  • Custom Survey Solutions
     Want to automate, customize, or connect surveying activities to a database? Or do you have another unique requirements? Beeliner's flexible technology is up to the job! If you've been searching for a survey software solution that fits all of your requirements, you may find that such a product doesn't exist. However, that's not...
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