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Baldoni Consulting Llc


  • Keynotes & Workshops
    John speaks widely to corporate, professional, military and university audiences about life-changing leadership. Those who attend John’s keynote speeches and workshops find his advice to be practical, motivational and inspirational. Mixed with stories of great men and women, and leavened with light-hearted humor, John seeks...
  • Executive Coaching
    Executive coaching leverages self-improvement with the need to fulfill the organizational mission. John focuses on helping managers become more effective leaders by teaching principles of influence, coalition-building and leading up. His engagements utilize a three-step model of assessment, action‑planning, and evaluation. John is...
  • Leadership Books
    John Baldoni is the author of ten books on leadership. John's books focus on helping men and women gain insights into how to become more capable and effective leaders. Lead With Purpose (Amacom 2012) provides insight into how leaders can leverage organizational purpose to achieve positive results. Lead Your Boss (Amacom 2009)...
  • Leadership Presence Assessments
    Leadership presence is "earned authority." You can think of leadership presence as how leaders radiate authority, authenticity, and decisiveness as well as confidence and optimism. Such presence enables leaders to become positive agents of change as well as to influence up, down and across the organization. What leadership presence comes...
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John Baldoni is an internationally recognized thought leader in leadership and communications as well as a popular leadership speaker, executive coach and executive educator. John teaches men and women to achieve positive results by focusing on communication, influence, motivation and supervision.

John believes that leadership is an individual choice that leaders make because they want to make a positive difference for themselves and others. It is the leader’s role to bring people together for a common purpose in order to help individuals and teams succeed. The information available on this site is intended to provide training, coaching, tips and advice for those who have made the choice to lead.

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