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Blog Terms and Conditions

Introduction to Blogging

Feel free to start a blog on our site and brand yourself as a community expert! We welcome all blog contributions by our members, as long as they pertain to our audience of HR Professionals with educational and relevant ideas and opinions. To contribute, you must be a registered member of and you must be logged in to access our content editor. This is found on our home page. Our blogs are monitored and any inappropriate blogs will be deleted or the author may also be contacted. Overly advertorial content will also be removed.

What a blog is:

  • An online journal, diary, soapbox, news outlet and collaborative space.
  • A space to post your thoughts on timely and relevant HR issues, theories, best practices and next practices.
  • A place to position yourself as an industry expert and share your knowledge and experiences with the HR community.
  • An ongoing commitment. Blogs are designed to be updated on a regular basis. New and fresh postings increase your community rating and drive more people to your blog.
  • A collaborative experience. Post on issues that will encourage lively discussion and debate amongst our members. State your opinion then open the floor for other members to agree or disagree.
  • A personal space to share your stories. Let your personality shine through in the way you write. A sense of humor is always welcome in the world of blogging!

What a blog isn’t:

  • A discussion forum. If you have specific questions regarding an HR issue, please ask the community for help via our online discussion forum.
  • An advertising space. Blogs are not a forum to promote products or service. HR solutions providers may post blogs provided that they are educational and informative in nature only.
  • A place to post personal thoughts or political views that do not relate to the HR industry. blogs are strictly reserved to address the interests and needs of the HR community.
  • A place to criticize and attack other members. is a professional community made up of your peers. While you may have different opinions than other members, please express yourself in a respectful and professional manner. Personal attacks on individuals or organizations will not be tolerated.
  • A place to post jobs. Please do not use this space to post a job. Click on our main tab called Career Network to post a free job.
  • A space where bad language is acceptable. The language and tone of a blog should always reflect the educational and collaborative spirit of blogging.

We check our site daily and all irrelevant blog postings will be removed.

Remember, the key to making your blog a success is relevance, timeliness, collaboration and good writing!

If you'd like to see examples of some great blogs, check out the blogs from our own CEO Debbie McGrath at:

To see's latest blog posts and blog archives, please go to our main human resources blogs page.

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