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Politically Incorrect Moments in HR

Politically Incorrect Moments In HR: Thought One
Ever have one of those moments where you’re glad your colleagues can’t hear your inner voice? Not every moment in HR is politically correct.

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2.9 from 2513 votes
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  • SIRMA OYA TEKVAR I do not like this sexist movie.
  • Cassandra Ricard What is sexist about this? Politically incorrect, yes. Potentially offensive to people with chronic illness and/or mental disease, yes. But Sexist?
  • Jewel Washington Pretty funny to me- very politically incorrect. It made me laugh and I sent it to my benefits admin- I am sure she can relate to people not reading the benefits plan and always asking her questions for clarification!
  • Beverley Burdette It is humor for HR professionals, not to be shared with others who may find it offensive, for example, the piece about reading your benefit booklet, rather than calling HR. The segment about medication could be offensive to others.

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