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Expert Finder


Here you will find information on's Expert Finder.

Please click on the button below that may best assist you. If you are still left with unanswered questions, please email us at:

Click for Expert Finder FAQ for Vendors Only

Why should I participate as a vendor?

  1. Showcase your clients and expertise;
  2. Allow you to listen to the voice of your customers, and interact with them in a proactive, positive manner;
  3. Enable you to determine market position by industry, company size, stakeholder position, level of engagement, ability to recommend;
  4. Let all of your clients be referable, and where they wish, contactable to potential buyers for references;
  5. And much more.

Why should I pay to upgrade my listing from Basic to Gold or Platinum?
The most significant advantage of an upgraded listing is the market and industry data you will receive in aggregate. This data will allow you to drill down on your customer feedback and do competitive analysis by demographic.

Does the Comparison Grid change once I’ve embedded it onto my website?
Yes. The Comparison Grid will update in real time as reviews and ratings are entered into the Expert Finder by HR Professionals.

Why are you asking for the version number in your survey?
Product version is tracked so that vendors are able to show improvements in their product lines.

Why are you asking for how long the organization has been using the product?
This field is not disclosed with others. It is used to collect aggregate data for market size and market share.

Why are you asking for the percentage of the workforce that uses the product?
This field is not disclosed with others. It is used to collect aggregate data for market size and market share.

Why are you asking for contract value, length and expiry date?
These fields are not disclosed with others. The contract value and expiry date are important as they can help us determine total market size for a particular product line (something the industry desperately needs). Using this data we can also break it down by company size and industry. For example, screening in healthcare for firms fewer than 1000 employees is XXXX, whereas screening for healthcare for firms over 10,000 employees is YYYY. With respect to market research, we can also determine market churn, client retention and many other things that vendors and HR Professionals can only see in aggregate. As a vendor, you can see your results versus the aggregate.

Why are there elements listed in your brochure that are not on the website?
These elements are still undergoing development. They will be added to the Expert Finder and available for use very soon.

My Company is not listed, how do I add it?
You may add a new company into your personal profile as you create it. For the Expert Finder however, you must contact us directly to add a company. Many companies are already listed so please double check your spelling during your search.

I don’t see any ‘Edit’ buttons, how do I update/edit the company profile?
If there are no ‘Edit’ buttons on your view of the profile, you likely don’t have editing permissions. Depending on the Listing Package the company has listed there may be a limited number of editors to the profile. Please contact and we will be able to solve this issue for you.

How do I add a product?
  1. Search for your company and select it
  2. Under the ‘Company Products’ tab click ‘Add’
  3. Complete the product form and hit ‘Save’
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How do I add a video?
  1. Search for your company and select it
  2. Under the black heading ‘Media’, click ‘Video’
  3. Click ‘Edit’, click ‘Delete’, Upload a new video, and hit ‘Save’
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How do I edit an existing product?
  1. Search for your company and select it
  2. Under the ‘Company Products’ tab and find the product you wish to edit
  3. Click on the ‘Pencil’, complete the product form, and hit ‘Save’
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How do I delete a product?
You can no longer directly delete products from your listing. If you have discontinued a product and would like it removed, please contact your rep and ask for guidance. We do not want companies deleting products simply because of a few negative reviews.

How do I edit all the other information?
  1. Search for your company and select it
  2. Click the black heading
  3. Click ‘Edit’, make your changes, and hit ‘Save’
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How do I change my logo?
  1. Search for your company and select it
  2. Click on your logo
  3. Click ‘Delete’
  4. Browse for, and upload your logo
  5. Hit ‘Save’
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How do I change or update my contact information?
  1. Search for your company and select it
  2. Under the black heading ‘Master Data’, click ‘Address’
  3. Click ‘Edit’, make your changes, and hit ‘Save’
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A competitor has posted a nasty review; how do I get it removed?
Call your rep and if the review is truly from a person who does not use your service or it is from a competitor, it will be promptly removed. Please recall all reviews are public, so you will see the company and we will have access to the review.

Does it cost me any money to send out the survey to my clients?
No, it is free and included in all 3 listing packages.

Can we address feedback directly to the user?
There are 2 ways to address feedback to the user. You can add commentary directly into the review. And of course, since it is your customer, you can connect with them off line or you can connect with them through our internal messaging systems.

The products you are rating we no longer support, what now?
This will happen over time, and ultimately these will cease to be rated or people can look at current ratings by time only. Additional functionality will be built to address this in the future.

How will I be included in applicable virtual events?
When you filled in your company profile, you selected categories into which your products and services fit. When an event is planned in one of those spaces, your company will be included at no additional cost.

What kind of comparative analysis is done and how will I be included?
Using our quadrant widget you can compare yourself to your competitors and embed this grid onto your website and into your documents. You choose how many, and which criteria will be used the comparison.

How is going to get HR professionals to complete the survey?
We have 249,090 members. We are going to ask them in emails, at tradeshows, onsite, when they register for an event, and when they register as a new user. We touch our users many ways and this will encourage lots of data.

Can I ask my clients to respond and offer a rating directly to my company?
Absolutely. Your link is available in your company profile to share with all. Similar to how TripAdvisor sends out an email after a stay, we want this to be the same type of service.

I am a software integrator for the company. How can I use this tool?
  1. In our Expert Finder you will also be rated and can you use this market position to grow your business.
  2. You can identify potential clients that are having issues and perhaps require your services. You can show case your expertise and help the vendor grow their business as well.

Click for Expert Finder FAQ for HR Professionals Only

Why should I publish feedback on my vendors?

  1. Your feedback will help in several ways. It will showcase your expertise, allows you to share your opinion, acknowledge great work;
  2. It will help others make better decisions or ask better questions when dealing with potential vendors;
  3. It will help vendors offer better training and identify issues with their products and services so they can then prioritize these issues.

Will my answers be made public?
Yes. Some of your answers will be available to the general public and published in the Expert Finder. As indicated in the survey, some information will not be disclosed.

Can I edit my ratings when my vendor shows significant improvement or provides bad feedback?
No, you cannot edit past data but you are able add new reviews. This is very important to us. Say a vendor has stellar service and you have rated it very positively. Then they get acquired and the service level drops. We want to know this, as we can report longitudinal data over time and see changes in service levels, positive or negative.

Why do I need to enter my name and e-mail? is seeking only transparent reviews from verified HR professionals. Asking for a company e-mail address allows us to ensure that the rater is actually a user of the product or service they are rating and prevents fraud.

How do I delete my review?
Once your review has been published you are not able to delete it.

What if the product I use isn’t listed?
  1. Go to the survey
  2. Search for the product’s supplier
  3. Hit ‘Add as new product’
  4. Enter the name, and a brief description of the product (optional)
  5. Click ‘Submit’ and begin the survey

When will my review be posted?
If you are not in a Sales or Marketing position your review will be posted immediately after completion. If you are in a Sales or Marketing position, your review will be posted after an Team Member has approved it.

What if it is found that a product has fraudulent reviews? has worked extensively to ensure that only verified HR professionals are able to submit product/service reviews. If it is found that there are fraudulent reviews they will be deleted immediately. With the ‘Report Abuse’ capability we are enabling our members to let us know if they find anything unscrupulous.

What should I do if a vendor asks me directly to delete my review?
You cannot delete your review. It is extremely rare that a business would ask you to delete a review, but if this happens, contact us directly and we will take action with the vendor.

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