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How do I submit a blog or article and have it posted right away?
You must be a registered member of (signing up is free Once logged in, look for the My Activity box on the Home page Type or paste text into My Activity box.  Select Blog as type.  Drag bottom right corner out to make box larger if needed.  Click "Submit" to move on to blog title and blog category selection.  See More Info for details.
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How do I edit, copy or delete my blog?
When you are viewing your blog, click on the edit or delete link under your blog to make any changes or to delete it.
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What do the stars next to my blog title mean?
These are ratings. community members are encouraged to vote on each piece of content. This allows others in the community to quickly assess the value of content.
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What is my “View Count”?
Your “View Count” is the number of times that your blog has been viewed on
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What does the number under “Comments” mean?
The number indicates the number of comments left by community members in response to your blog.
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How can I cancel my blog and start again?
Delete text in My Activity box or refresh screen without clicking "Submit".
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What formatting options do I have in my blog?
You may use the toolbar options that are indicated by the icons above the content field. These include bold, italics, right justified, left justified, centered and font size.
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