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FAQ Help Desk

You've got questions? We've got the answers. Please select one of the topics below that may best assist you. If you are still left searching, please submit your question to:

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Get involved in our on-going discussion forums. It's simple and easy to add a new topic or continue a thread. Find out how right here.
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Did you know that you can add your own event listing onsite? You can also register for our own tradeshows...all for FREE! What a deal! Read more here.
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You can register for any of our webcasts for FREE! All you need is a good computer connection and away you go. You'll also earn credits!
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What exactly is a wiki and how can you contribute to one? Click here to see how.
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What is the best way to search for content and information on Our search function has many advantages.
Member Training has dozens of communities that you can join. Each community has relevant content and will keep you up-to-date on industry trends. Learn more here.
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Save money with our HR Coupons. Our valued vendors have been generous enough to provide us with some great discounts. Browse our selection.
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Looking for generic forms to use when interviewing? Perhaps a template for a specific item is what you're looking for? Look no further than our templates and forms section.
Member Training has hosted dozens of surveys over the years. The results are stored and available to you. We also encourage your participation in our surveys. Here is where you can help.
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You can post jobs for free on With our third party job board, your posting will also get out on the Internet and get you quick results. You can also search for relevant jobs. Here's how.
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You can earn points on by contributing, registering for a webcast, inviting a friend, and many more actions. Get onto our Leaderboard and win great prizes every month. See how.
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Where can you find some comic relief? has the stress relievers you need to get through your day with a chuckle! Click here to find our where.
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There are many opportunities for vendors to advertise on and reach their target audience. We have a great sales team that can make your goals happen.
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If you can't find the answers you want in this FAQ, then you might find them here in this section. If not, email us at and we'll be happy to help!
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How Do I Write an Effective Email Campaign? I would like some tips on preparing emails that people will want to open and read. What are the key considerations? more info
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